Brighten & Tighten

Brighten & Tighten

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Serums are well known to be one of the best delivery systems for active skin care because they smooth on gently and absorb quickly with no greasiness - while rapidly delivering a powerhouse of active ingredients!

Here's what you get... 2 of our Best-Sellers!!!

1) ReSTORE Vita"C" Serum's (30 ml/1.0 fl oz) ultra-potent form of Vitamin C instantly brightens skin and helps reduce the appearance of existing age spots, while our Ceramide Cocktail boosts collagen, elastin, and keratin production to repair the skin’s delicate lipid barrier. Hyaluronic Acid attracts and binds moisture to the skin for unprecedented moisturization, Creatine, an amino acid derivative that has been clinically proven to increase skin cell vitality, also boosting collagen, elastin and keratin production, while Caffeine provides a mild firming effect and improve circulation.

2) ReBUILD Tripeptide Firming Serum (30 ml/1.0 fl oz) is formulated with the most powerful plant-based actives available from nature for a powerful combination of wrinkle fighting and collagen synthesizing. This transformative treatment visibly increases skin firmness and elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A powerful combination of tightening and lifting activity from Peptides, Collagen and Glucans deliver visible results.

It's a $178.00 Value for ONLY $158.00!!! That's a 12% SAVINGS!!! 

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