Fresh Start Collection
Fresh Start Collection

Fresh Start Collection

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The "FRESH START" Collection are the Ultimate Foundation products to jump-start your Clean Beauty/Healthy Living Daily Routine!!!  Everyone always asks me what products they should start with and tho we love many of our Best-Selling, powerhouse anti-aging superstar products, I always say - start with the basics!!!

Here's what you get...

1) CLEAN START Soothing Face Wash (2.0 fl oz) A natural face wash that is gentle and soothing, yet luxurious and effective at the same time.  A smooth gel that readily foams and rinses away clean, leaving your skin feeling healthy and radiant. 

2) ReNEW Exfoliating Treatment (.5 fl oz) was formulated to bring life back to dull, discolored, aging skin and reveal a brighter, more youthful, glowing complexion.

3) ReFINE Corrective Face Mist (2.0 flo oz) is a natural toner developed to correct the signs of damaged and aging skin. Much more than a simple toner though it targets uneven skin tone, age spots and redness with Niacinamide and advanced botanical actives.

It's a $122.00 value, for just $98.00 - that's a 20% discount!!!


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